In Professional and Personal Coaching we:

Reach Goals

Partner with you to reach your goals if you are feeling stuck and need to develop new insights to learn and create actions to support what is meaningful to you.


Help you make a transition or change in your career or life path.


Explore when relationships personally or at work in your life require a different focus and attention to be fulfilling.


Help if you are overthinking areas and need a confidential thought partner to explore new ideas.


Help you to improve alignment, understand communication styles and provide insights to support your business goals.


Partner with you to create strategies to achieve better work/life balance.

In Organizational Coaching and Consulting we:


Help organizations assess their organizational structures,  fluency, effectiveness, composition, and diversity.


Help organizations assess their business strategies, agility and cultural alignment and build change management strategies.

Develop Teams/ Team Coaching

Partner with leaders and teams to create new insights and co-design actions that enhance the alignment, effectiveness and performance of the team to achieve business goals and joy at work. 

Facilitate Leadership Retreats

Help plan and facilitate leadership and board retreats


Conduct Myers Briggs Type Assessment® Step I™ and Step II™ for clients to support their understanding of preferences to improve communication, enhance problem-solving and decision making, deal with conflict and other key elements to improve effectiveness.

Certified in The Hogan Assessment™ and IC Edge (Intercultural Communication Edge) as well and will conduct assessments and debriefs.