How We Work Together

How We Work Together

Professional and Personal Leadership Coaching and Consulting 
An Ontological Approach: Client Driven...Coach Guided

“With an ontology centered approach, becoming an astute and compassionate observer of yourself and others has a powerful effect: it puts you at choice. Instead of re-actively going down the same paths which don’t work, your eyes will be opened to wide new possibilities in your leadership, coaching and personal life.” Newfield Network website

The foundation of the ontological model invites you to explore the domaines of somatics, language and emotions that allow you to examine your own world-view and those you engage with.  Curiosity and a desire to learn are the cornerstones for this work in leadership and in life.  You can expect challenging questions to inspire self-discovery from a place of honor, respect and confidentiality. You will clarify and align your goals and determine actions and practices for what you want to achieve and receive tools that will help you expand.  You have the responsibility and accountability for solutions and strategies to help you take the next steps…with the understanding of new possibilities. The magic lies in the ability to become a new observer and unleash your potential and personal innovation in service of a greater good.

Within this framework, Executive, Professional and Personal Leadership Coaching can:

  • Increase clarity and focus for what you value and care about
  • As a leader: grow, learn and create positive impacts
  • Optimize individual and team development, alignment and business performance
  • Develop potential leaders for more fulfilling or expanded career opportunities
  • Improve communication skills and deepen emotional intelligence
  • Develop a holistic approach to problem solving
  • Increase self-awareness, confidence and integration in work and life
  • Create more work/ life balance

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“You act in the world according to the world you see. Therefore, if you shift the way you see, perceive, understand and explain the world, you will act differently."
~Julio Olalla, Founder Newfield Network